In the incorporation of new technology as an engine of the digital transformation that companies assume today, the cloud is still the most important, which helps to improve the way in which we work, facilitating the reduction of time in deployments and operating costs, while allowing increased productivity and, in many cases, revenue.

The impact of the cloud is such that, according to IBM, redefining the corporate identity of all types of companies, that rely on this technology -without distinction between its different implementations: public, private and hybrid- as the main incentive for change in its processes of innovation and digital transformation.

With respect to companies that rely on the cloud, IBM places them in three broad categories: disruptive, innovative, optimizing. All this and much more is explained by the US multinational in Beyond agility: how the cloud is driving business innovation, a complete study that puts in value the revolution that is supposing the cloud for many companies.

If you want to know more about this phenomenon and, above all, you want to know the benefits that can bring to your own project, we encourage you to download and consult the study, where you will find the answers to the questions that everyone asks. Among other things you will discover:

  • How will your company use the cloud to boost its digital transformation?
  • What will your company do to become an optimizing, innovative or disruptive agent ready for the cloud?
  • How will you align the adoption of your organization's cloud with your business objectives?
  • How will you use the resources necessary to make the leap to the cloud?
  • What steps should your action plan include for adopting the cloud and overcoming the anticipated obstacles?




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